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6/4/2024 8:13:54 AM
About the EQUINOX 2 smart telescope from UNISTELLAR
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About the EQUINOX 2 smart telescope from UNISTELLAR

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

The Unistellar Equinox 2 smart telescope combines modern technology with user-friendly features, making stargazing accessible through mobile devices. With a high-resolution camera, live image processing, and access to over 5000 celestial objects, it delivers an exceptional viewing experience. The package also includes a premium tripod for stability and optimal observations.

The EQUINOX 2 smart telescope from Unistellar offers a host of innovative features and technologies for an easier observational experience, perfect for those who don't prioritize eyepiece observation. You can observe celestial objects directly through your mobile device or tablet using the free iOS and Android app. It includes manual focus and collimation for precise adjustments, access to a sky catalog of over 5000 objects, live image processing, and easy sharing.

UNISTELLAR EQUINOX 2 specifications

  • Image Resolution: 6.2 MP
  • Mirror Diameter: 114mm
  • Focal Length: 450mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4
  • Field of View: 34.2 x 45.6 arcmin
  • Limiting Magnitude: 18.2
  • Mount: Motorized Alt-Az
  • Weight: Telescope 7kg, Tripod 2kg
  • Battery Life: 11 hours
  • Storage: 64 GB
UNISTELLAR app and smart telescope features

UNISTELLAR app & smart telescope features

  • App Integration: Control via mobile devices with the free iOS and Android app.
  • Live Image Processing: View real-time enhancements of celestial objects.
  • Extensive Database: Access to over 5000 celestial objects.
  • Manual Focus & Collimation: For precise adjustments.
  • Premium Tripod: High-quality, stable support for optimal viewing.
Comparing the EQUINOX 2 to the EVSCOPE 2

Comparing the EQUINOX 2 to the EVSCOPE 2

Image Resolution 6.2 MP 7.7 MP
Mirror Diameter 114mm 114mm
Focal Length 450mm 450mm
Focal Ratio f/4 f/4
Field of View 34.2 x 45.6 arcmin 34.2 x 45.6 arcmin
Limiting Magnitude 18.2 18.2
Mount Motorized Alt-Az Motorized Alt-Az
Weight 7kg (Telescope), 2kg (Tripod) 7kg (Telescope), 2kg (Tripod)
Battery Life 11 hours 9 hours
Storage 64 GB 64 GB
Whats in the box

What's in the box?

  • Unistellar EQUINOX 2 smart telescope
  • Original Unistellar tripod
  • Bahtinov mask
  • Dust cap
  • Charger with adapter
  • Adjustment tools


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